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League AGM - Monday 26th February 2018 at Allianz Park

January 11th, 2018


As last year we are sending out a few notes to ‘preview ‘ what will appear in detail on the formal AGM agenda which will go out to all clubs in the first or second weekend in February before the AGM which is fixed for Monday 26 at Allianz Park. We hope this will give clubs the chance to debate these items in advance of the actual meeting.

-- The cost of hiring rooms for appeals is now £150.00 and so we propose to require clubs wishing to appeal to pay £250.00 and individuals £100.00.

-- We will clarify the definition of a categories of players to fall in line with the ECB’s definition as printed here:

"Category 1 

(i) a British or Irish citizen born in England and Wales and is deemed “ordinarily resident”  
(ii) A player who has been resident in England and Wales for the immediately preceding four consecutive years and is deemed ‘Ordinarily Resident’

[Ordinarily Resident’ is determined on the basis that the player has been resident in England and Wales for a minimum of 18 months prior to  31st March in the relevant year and he has not been out of England and Wales for longer than 35 days consecutively or 70 days in total during the previous two years]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
* A player will only be treated as having been a UK resident within England and Wales for the relevant consecutive period if he has spent a minimum of 210 days in each year within England  and Wales (for which purpose a ‘year’ shall mean a year ending 31st March                   

Confirmation: A player who holds a British passport and lives outside the UK must also meet the ”Ordinarily Resident” criteria.   

Deemed’ status
A player who was resident in England and Wales and would benefit from Category 1 or Category 3e status but for having relocated outside England and Wales for temporary work purposes (unrelated to cricket and for a period of no more than 24 months), may apply to their league or the ECB for ‘deemed’ Category 1 or Category 3e status immediately on his return to England and Wales. Approval is at the discretion of their league or the ECB and is not automatic’.                                                          

Category 2
Contracted Player to a first  class county.
A player (capped or uncapped) qualified to play for England under the current ECB regulations and, currently, under contract to a First-Class County Club. For the purposes of clarification, a contracted player is one who has a current full playing contract, a summer contract or a development (scholarship) contract but not an Academy contract  (16-19 years). Should a Category 3 or 3E player be under contract to a first class county  he/she will be treated as a 3 or 3E player for registration purposes.

Category 3 
Players who are not deemed “Ordinarily Resident.
If the player does not meet the criteria for Category 1 or Category 3E they will be deemed to be a Category 3 player.

Category 3E Players who are deemed “Ordinarily Resident” but have been in England & Wales for less than 4 years.
A player not qualified as a Category 1 player, deemed “Ordinarily Resident” can qualify and play in all ECB club Competitions in England and Wales. If: 
a) The player has been resident in England and Wales for the immediately preceding 18 months.
b) The player has not been out of England and Wales for longer than 35 days consecutively or 70 days in total during previous 18 months.

-- The current appeals procedure does not provide a time limit within which clubs must deal with any category 1 or category 2 offence .Clubs will now have to deal with such matters within 72 hours of referral or the matter will go to a hearing.

-- We are always trying to improve the officiating at matches and to this end will propose that every team that provides a competent non-plying scorer at any match within divisions 3a-6b will receive a bonus point in each such match.

-- The MCC have issued a new edition of the Laws of Cricket (all clubs and captains should familiarise themselves with them!)  but in brief:-
1. The new Law 42 (player behaviour) shall only apply down to division 6b where there are panel or qualified umpires standing.
2. The new bat size restrictions will not apply for 2018 but will apply for 2019
3. Peter Hinstridge will provide a report on the new unfair bowling laws once the ECB has issued its own guidance.

-- The committee will propose, again, that all matches in divisions 7a-10b be reduced to a total of 90 overs.

-- After our last committee meeting in November and before the 12 week deadline for proposals for the AGM by clubs, we received a proposal from Rickmansworth, supported by the necessary three other clubs, in accordance with 11 b in the constitution. It is proposed that all matches below the Championship be of a limited overs format.

-- The question of the cost of teas and the ‘variable’ quality thereof is a perennial one. At present we have a limit of £40.00 on teas which will stay but there is no similar restriction on the lunch/tea situation in Premier and Championship timed games. We have no proposals on this other than to suggest that clubs be reasonable and it might be that visiting clubs with dietary requirements contact their hosts for a discussion early in the week before the match?

-- The Home Office definition of a ‘professional cricketer’ for 2018 has not changed from last season and at least one club suffered in 2017 for failing to comply with the requisite Visa requirements. To avoid confusion for 2018 any such professional with a tier 5 temporary worker creative and sporting visa will only be allowed to play in the premier and championship divisions( regardless of whether he receives payment for playing). The only exception applies to a ‘professional’ who comes over on an ancestral visa and does not receive any remuneration, actual or in kind, for playing. 

    Under the constitution Premier and Championship clubs vote on their own changes that affect their structure, match rules and player qualifications. These are dealt with under their own sub-committee and will not be shown here. They will, however, be on the formal agenda when submitted.  

    Barry Hellewell. Jan 2018

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