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Herts League Cup Competitions 2018

December 15th, 2017

Following on from the cup competitions in 2017 the general feedback was that clubs wished to have both the Readers Cup and the Sunday T/20 on the schedule for 2018 in addition to the Premier and Championship T/20. Therefore we are seeking entries for both the Sunday competitions again with the Premier Championship competition being dealt with separately by their sub-committee. As last year this is against a background of declining Sunday cricket and our attempts to provide as much competitive cricket as we can.

Readers 20/20 Competition.

This competition for the top 16 clubs that are available based on how they finished in 2017 will take place again and the Premier Division sub-committee will be in touch with your club in due course.

Readers Trophy

We intend to continue with this competition in 2018. Despite a number of concessions in the 2017 competition (some of which were down to adverse weather in the early rounds) many of the clubs would like to carry on. We would like to aim for 32 clubs to take part in a straight knockout competition as before but this time with a 45 overs a side match to differentiate from the Saturday league 50/50 games. All clubs below those in the Readers 20/20 above are entitled to enter. We will take the first 32 in descending order of where the clubs finished in 2017. In order to give us and the clubs sufficient time to organise everything we would ask that your application is with us by 15 January.

Informal Sunday T/20

The feedback we received this year for this competition was generally good and clubs have told us that they would like to continue with it.  We would like to expand the competition to 32 clubs in 8 groups of 4 with each club playing the other twice. You can have ‘T/20 Sundays’ where 3 clubs play two games each to help with availability and reduce the number of Sundays that are necessary during the group stage. As in 2017 the group winners will then go through to the knock out phase. All clubs can apply for entry with the Premier and Championship clubs prohibited from playing regular first team players. We would ask that clubs honour the spirit of this restriction. Entry into the competition will be on a first come first served basis and as with the Trophy please let us have your entries by 15 January.  
All entries must be emailed to Tony Johnson’s email which is

This note has also been emailed to all club reps and secretaries.

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