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Timed vs Overs Cricket

July 29th, 2018

At this year's AGM it was agreed, by a majority of 53 to 37, to play all league matches below the Championship level under a limited overs format. Under 11 d) of our constitution match rule changes are to be implemented for an experimental period of one season only and a proposal to adopt the change on a permanent basis will be on the agenda for the 2019 AGM.

The committee feel that this particular rule change was extremely significant , in that it is the first time in the history of the league that there have been no timed matches for the majority of the teams. For that reason we would like to ask clubs to canvas opinion within your clubs as to whether your playing and non-playing members are happy with the change so that when the vote is made next February you are comfortable that it represents the view of the club as a whole and not merely that of the representative on the night.

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