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Reminder of the Player Registration Rule

August 20th, 2018

Clubs are reminded that, under rule 13 c of the constitution, after July 31st, no new member who has not previously been registered for a club in that season, shall appear in a League match for that club in the remainder of that season. Special application may be made to the League to register a player to play who has moved to live in the Hertfordshire Premier League area having not previously lived within a reasonable distance from a Hertfordshire Premier League club.  

There have been 86 new player registrations since the deadline passed, with only a handful being cleared via an application to the League. Any player who is registered after this date and who is seen to contribute to a teams subsequent success will be investigated and penalties can be as severe as to deny a team promotion or automatically relegate a team. Clubs are therefore requested to respect the League’s rules and not seek to artificially strengthen their squads at this stage of the season.

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