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Southgate Compton Withdraw from Division 3B

May 7th, 2019

Unfortunately we have been informed today by Southgate Compton that due to a sudden and unexpected departure of three key players over the weekend (which added to the loss of other first team players over the winter) that they do not consider themselves able to properly fulfil their fixtures in Division 3B. They would have to field a side of fringe players and juniors to get the numbers which would not provided adequate competitive cricket at that level and might expose the younger players to a level of competition beyond their ability and maturity.

Reluctantly we have therefore agreed that their second eleven will now be their first eleven to enable them to fulfil their fixtures in Division 10A and that their present first eleven will be withdrawn from 3B. This is an unhappy compromise but it will at least allow cricket at 10A level. It may be that Southgate Compton, at that level, will be too strong for the division and in order not to penalise the other teams in 10A we have decided that Southgate Compton cannot be promoted out of that division at the end of the 2019 season and the two sides finishing first and second (disregarding Southgate Compton) will be promoted in the usual way. Any adjustments to Southgate Compton's place in the divisional structure for 2020 can then be made during the close season.

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