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Disciplinary Breaches and Reporting

June 5th, 2019

The League’s committee would like to draw your attention to Section 3.4, Reporting of Breaches by Participants as set out in the Disciplinary Regulations. To explain this further and the avoidance of doubt, ANY Participant can report an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct to the Discipline Chairman. A Participant is defined a player, club, club official, club member, the League or its representatives or umpires. 

Much has been made recently as to Clubs and Participants not being made aware they are being “reported”. 4.1 states Clubs and Participants should be told, but does not mandate they must be.

Whatever the procedures, Clubs must not lose sight of the fact that the aim of the Disciplinary Committee is to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and conduct within our League. Further, whether reporting procedures have been followed to the letter of the law of not, Paragraph 1.9  of the Disciplinary Regulations state that in the event any incident or other matter occurs, whether it relates to conduct, jurisdiction, procedure or penalty, then the Discipline Chairman or his nominated deputy may take such action as considered appropriate in the circumstances, taking into account the circumstances and the principles of natural justice and fairness. 

Finally, please email ALL reports and or correspondence with the Discipline Committee to

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