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Covid-19 - Cricket Ball Orders - Update

March 19th, 2020

Further to our statement on 19 March Readers have now closed their business for around 8 weeks and therefore there will be no further developments regarding the balls that they supply until at least May. They will contact me with further news then.

For the moment we propose to reimburse clubs that have already paid for their Dukes balls and when Readers are back at work they will reimburse those clubs that have already paid them. So in effect we will have a clean sheet and will start again with the payments once we know where we are in terms of being allowed to play again.

Our offer, to allow clubs to pay for 35% of their order will be available when we are up and running.

In the meantime our best guess, in what is an uncertain timescale, is that we hope that there may be some cricket by the beginning of July .If that is the case then we envisage payment for cricket balls to be made by (say) the middle of June and for the balls to be delivered to various collection points around the County then. One or two clubs have already said that they would still like to pay for their entire order which of course is fine.

We will be in touch when we know more.

Barry Hellewell, 28 March

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