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Cricket Club Covid-19 Safeguarding

July 3rd, 2020

This is a reminder to all Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket League Clubs, that Club Welfare Officers and Club Senior Officers MUST ensure that ALL of their Club participants adhere to ECB and UK Government Guidelines and Procedures.

As failure to adhere to the ECB and UK Government guidelines could invalidate a Clubs insurance. Clubs must adhere to all safeguarding procedures when organising activities at their club.

Disappointingly, we still have no further news on when recreational cricket will be able to resume.  Whilst the ECB awaits the green light from the Government, they have asked County to warn clubs against large gatherings linked to Cricket that may be planned or due to happen.   ECB are aware of unauthorised Cricket activity happening in small pockets around the country and what we don’t need, at the moment, is for any adverse attention being brought to the game that, as well as potentially affecting public health, may have the unwanted impact of further delaying our return to play

Clubs Welfare Checklist includes

Safeguarding - 
Are all, of your Clubs coaches correctly trained, DBS checked and have correct insurance?

Welfare -
Are your participants keeping to all Covid-19 welfare procedures, such as using their own ball and wiping down equipment after each session?

Social Distancing - 
Are your participants observing Social Distancing guideless when Practicing, Coaching or Watching?

Group numbers / Including Net practice - 
Are your coaches keeping to Covid-19 group numbers?

Parents groups - 
Are all spectators keeping to social distancing rules?

Particularly I draw your attention to the activity of Adult and Juniors practicing at the same venue.                 
You must ensure that this is conducted in a safe and secure environment.                                        
Adults practicing on a ground at the same time as Juniors, is in most cases a very unsafe procedure.

See website for further information and regular updates 

Richard Burling
SHPCL & Herts County Welfare Officer
3rd July 2020

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