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Covid Rules for Playing Recreational Cricket in the SHPCL

August 12th, 2020

t has come to the League’s attention that some SHPCL clubs are not following the Covid rules as laid down by both the UK Government and the ECB and which have been communicated to all on numerous occasions.

The committee would like to remind clubs that currently we are in the very privileged position of being the only amateur team sport allowed in the UK; flouting laid down procedures could, at best lead to a suspension of all cricket across the UK, and at worst, to members of your club contracting Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

So before the League is forced to take action either this or indeed next season, would all clubs take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that all team captains are fully aware that the following measures are THEIR RESPONSIBILITY: 

  • No sweat or saliva may be applied to the ball;
  • Players must maintain social distance at all times (a minimum of 2 metres except where specifically permitted) – whether this be batsmen running in marked lanes or not congregating in close proximity at the fall of a wicket;
  • The ball must be returned directly to the bowler, even if rolled along the ground;
  • Players must place drinks, clothing and anti-bacterial gel/wipes one metre beyond the boundary;
  • Hygiene breaks every 6 overs or 20 minutes, with captains being responsible for “anti-bac’ing” the match ball and ensuring that all team members comply. 

The League totally understands players need occasional reminding, hence this notice but it would be a great shame if after all the work that was put in by Leagues around the country to get cricket back on, the actions of a few were to spoil it for everyone.

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