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League Update re Stage 3 of Lockdown Release

May 20th, 2021

Whilst all clubs will have seen the latest ECB guidance, and we do not propose to repeat over 30 pages of script here, (Recreational-Cricket-COVID-Guidance-in-England-Step-3-May.pdf ( it is worth stressing the overriding message behind the ECB’s and the Government’s advice as we emerge from lockdown. There are many more things we CAN do but that doesn’t necessarily mean we SHOULD do. At every stage, the advice is to be sensible. If for example your changing room could fit into a ‘phone box’, you cannot socially distance and change at the same time .The same is true of showers. The advice is still to come changed and shower at home. Clearly the facilities at some clubs will allow better and safe use of changing rooms and showers.

Everyone is aware of the cautious messages coming from Downing Street and the majority of the scientific fraternity. Many will no doubt feel that the pandemic is over but for some this is not the case. Please be sensible and bear in mind that others may not share your own view . Clubs must still follow the guidelines which are clear, albeit lengthy. We have already had to issue a warning to one club this last weekend that they were in breach of the ECB requirements. A second breach could lead to expulsion from the league. We are coming out of lockdown, so please do not jeopardise that progress and potentially your own club’s future in the league.

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