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Urgent Covid Protocol - July 12th (Updated)

June 25th, 2021


With an increasing number of cases of Covid-19 being reported by clubs the following guidelines will be adopted for the remainder of the 2021 season.

Availability of players adversely affected by Covid-19

If a team is significantly weakened as a result of club members being required to self-isolate due to Covid-19 then the club shall be entitled to withdraw that team from its league fixture(s) until such time as the period of isolation has ended.  The term ‘significantly weakened’ shall mean a minimum of 4 (four) of the players who would usually have been selected for that team are unavailable due to isolation.  For the avoidance of doubt this provision supersedes the requirements set out in the third sentence of clause 14 of the Constitution.  All fixtures that are affected by this rule shall be deemed to be ‘Cancelled’ under the Match Rules.

Self-isolation requirement

This guidance applies when, having arrived at the ground where the match is to take place, at any point until the match has been completed, a team member(s) is required to self-isolate immediately due to Covid-19 (refer to page 3 of the ECB document ‘Decision Making Framework for Clubs & Leagues for the specific circumstances).  If, following such notification, members of either team are required to self-isolate or, because of particular vulnerabilities within their childcare or support bubble, team members take the decision to self-isolate, and if as a result there are fewer than eight players available then the match shall be regarded as ‘Abandoned’ under the Match Rules.

Non-availability of match officials

If, solely as a result of the requirement to self-isolate, a team is unable to provide an umpire and/or scorer for a match then the exemption from penalty point deductions in Match Rule 8 (e) shall be deemed to include these circumstances. Nonetheless clubs should make every effort to provide a non-playing umpire and scorer if possible.

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