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Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket League
First game of 2024 season: Saturday 11th May 2024
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Sunday play for regional divisions

January 14th, 2022

With the average points system in the regional divisions and the difficulty some clubs are experiencing finding grounds to play on the Committee has decided to allow games in the Regional structure to be played on the Sunday of the scheduled weekend . This dispensation was given in the shortened season in 2020 and although not many clubs used the option it did allow a number of games to take place that might not otherwise have been played. This allowance is subject to the following conditions:

 1.   Clubs would need to have agreement from their visitors by Easter Monday to the switch to the Sunday. If no such agreement, then the fixture would take place on the scheduled  Saturday
 2.   All re-arranged matches must  be communicated to the league’s results secretary, before the start of the season so that no penalties would apply for not reporting the result by 9.00pm on the Saturday. The result would need to be reported by 9.00pm on the Sunday and the team posted on the website by then as well.
3.   No player playing in the Sunday fixture would have represented the club on the Saturday of that weekend and the normal selection requirements that affect selection under 13c of the constitution will apply.

Barry Hellewell 14.01.2022