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Umpire and Scorer Challenge for 2022 with Cash Awards

January 20th, 2022

The Hertfordshire ACO, in partnership with Hertfordshire Cricket and the League,  is relaunching the Umpire and Scorer Challenge for 2022.   Links to the courses are below.
Umpiring and scoring are key parts of our game; no cricket match can be played without people doing the umpiring and scoring. It might be a non-playing umpire; it might be a friend or family member doing the scoring; it might be – often is – the players taking turns. We want to encourage everyone to do these courses so they can do these things better; all the player feedback says that they enjoy the game more when they have capable umpires and good scorers.
By registering and completing one or both courses you will be helping your club and you might discover that this is something you enjoy – and might want to take further.
This year there is a financial incentive.  The club putting forward the most candidates will receive £500; the second best £250 and the third best £150. 
This will be based on people enrolled divided by the number of senior sides in the SHPCL. 
E.g. A club with 4 teams which gets 10 people to do the course will score 2.5; a club with 2 teams that gets 6 people will score 3 points.  If there’s a tie then the prize money will be shared.  There won’t be any distinction between the umpire and scorer courses.
People who signed up last year will be counted, so the numbers will be based on 2021 plus 2022.
Umpiring  Stage 1:

Basics of Scoring

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