First game of 2018 season:
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Promotion and Relegation

Promotion and relegation lines have been added to the tables. Third place teams in some divisions will be promoted and there may be further adjustments to fill gaps by promoting additional teams. The bottom team in each division will always be relegated at least 1 division.


Timed vs Overs Cricket

At this year's AGM it was agreed to play all matches below the Championship level under a limited overs format. This was for a one season experimental period and a proposal to adopt the change on a permanent basis will be on the agenda for the 2019 AGM. Click more below for what the committee would like the clubs to do…


Lords 50th Anniversary Dinner

Spaces are still available for the big dinner at Lord's which will celebrate 50 years since Hertfordshire organised its first cricket league. Click more below for more details


Submit Your Club Highlights Each Week

The diary of the season, which appears in the annual handbook needs weekly input from clubs, while the details are still fresh in the memory. If any of your teams, from 1st XI to 6th XI, is involved in a very close or exciting match. Click more for details on how to submit. 


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