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Divisional Good Behaviour Awards

April 24th, 2019

As mentioned at the captains’ meeting we are going to introduce the ‘Spirit of Cricket Divisional Awards’ this year. Rather than focusing on punishing bad behaviour through our disciplinary procedures we have decided to try to promote good behaviour and to reward those clubs that encourage good behaviour both on and off the field. 

To that end we will ask each captain of each eleven to decide, on the basis of all games played this season, which opponents showed the best ‘spirit of cricket’ throughout the match and the best hospitality in the pavilion before and after the game.

At the end of the season Mike Wood will ask all teams, through Survey Monkey, to nominate the opponent within their division who best showed those qualities. We will then collate the results and decide upon the divisional winners.

At our July committee meeting we will also decide how to reward  those award winners and post our decision on the website.

We appreciate that this is another administrative task but we hope the attempt to foster good relations may go some way to counteract the negative press that cricket is attracting of late with regard to the behaviour.

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