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League rules update

July 27th, 2020

Given this season’s circumstances, especially since the Luton lockdown was announced, league rule 14 regarding playing the senior sides' matches, is being relaxed for this season only.
The third sentence is replaced by “Recognising the potential impact on player availability due to the Coviid-19 pandemic, in the event of a club being unable to fulfil all fixtures on any day, the club shall determine which of its fixtures shall be conceded."  
As stated previously, our main aim is to get as much competitive cricket played as we can in these unique circumstances. But we also want matches to be played between teams of roughly equal strength, as happens naturally as a result of our divisional structure. Therefore we don’t want much weakened 1st or 2nd XIs to be forced to fulfil a fixture. Equally, we don’t want clubs to field over-strengthened 2nd or 3rd XIs, just to pick up a few meaningless points. Please continue to observe the spirit of league rule 14 and act in good faith.
Remember, there will be no promotion or relegation, or prize money, this season.
On a separate but related point, please note that any matches not played through lack of ground or players will be described as having been cancelled, with 10 points awarded to each side, rather than conceded, which involves a points penalty.

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