First game of 2021 season:
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Your photo opportunity

February 9th, 2021

We could use one on the front cover of the League handbook. Or perhaps you know an aspiring photographer who wants to make his/her mark. Click more for details.

The League handbook and the smaller match day book always feature an appealing cover photo, either an action shot or a dramatic picture of something associated with cricket. The photos usually come from an agency but perhaps you can offer something different. Either your own or taken by a friend or family member.  
The picture doesn’t necessarily need to feature a Herts League player but should relate to recreational cricket, rather than the professional game. It will need to fit our portrait format and the league logo will obscure some of the picture towards the top right.
Other than that, the only rules are for a colour picture that is memorable and high quality, both in composition and technically (300dpi). It will be necessary to assign copyright to the Herts League.
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