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Delay to using Teamsheets in the Results App until June 4th

May 4th, 2022

Unfortunately, there have been issues for the release of the Herts
League app for the new changes for entering your teamsheets, in
particular for the Apple version of it, which people will have noticed
does not currently have teamsheet functionality (the T symbol available
when entering a result). The android version does already allow
teamsheet entry.

We have decided that, since the Apple version will not be available for
the first game of the season at least, then points fines will not be
implemented for lack of teamsheets in May. Current plans are for points
fines to be introduced for the matches played on June 4th onwards where
teamsheets haven't been entered.

This will give clubs plenty of opportunity to download and familiarise
once the app is available and we encourage captains to enter teamsheets
where this is available, so you are fully familiar with the method
before June 4th.

I will email everyone again when the app becomes available and remind
you before June 4th games that 5 point fines come into effect from then
on where teamsheets haven't been entered.


Peter Dudley
Herts League Technical Officer

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